Sunday, August 8, 2010


Since I last wrote, many things in life have changed! I have busily been preparing myself for home ownership... a new type of organizational challenge to undertake and anticipate with great joy!

Our new house is darling. It is the epitome of a perfect Pottery Barn house. The house is recently renovated, so it doesn't need much in the form of improvements... other than organizational improvements! :)

I have never been so excited about an organizational project as I am about the ones I am about to undertake. Stay tuned for exciting updates about Organized Ali as I take on the life of a home owner.

As a teaser, here are some of my first organizational projects:

*How to unpack your house without drowning in boxes and stress
*Make the kitchen more functional with lazy Susan's and other cabinet helpers
*Completely redesign the master closet
*Build a shed for the backyard and incorporate some unique, creative organizers
*Maximize our storage space
*Create a completely new and updated filing and bill pay system, now that we have taken on new and more important bills (aka mortgage payments!)

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