Sunday, April 4, 2010

Take Back Your Life with Microsoft Office 2007

I have recently begun employing a new work organization model. After my to-do list continued to grow and grow and grow I was compensating by working long, long days – getting up earlier every morning, working in the evenings and even on weekends, I decided that this is not a healthy lifestyle choice I wish to continue making.

Though I have a wide-range of natural organizational skills, it is still sometimes enlightening or groundbreaking to read books or articles about organizational strategies that have been successful for other people. One book I am just getting into is called “Take Back Your Life with Microsoft Office 2007.” The main idea of the book is becoming far more organized in your daily work routines by prioritizing and scheduling out your time efficiently and effectively. My hope of a takeaway from this book is to be able to be more productive in 8-9 hours per day than I was in 9-11 hours per day.

You can bear witness to me surrendering my old habits and bowing down to a new work organization model. I will accomplish my priorities in a smaller amount of time and really be able to focus and work towards my daily objectives, which I will spend time each morning outlining.

I will continue to write more about how my office organization is taking off, as well as what you can do to make your work-life more organized.

P.S.: I heard a great interview question recently that I am going to start asking: “Describe the organizational style of your sock drawer.” There’s a freebee if you ever interview with me!

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